01.27.19 UVLD and Thrasos Media Announce Strategic Partnership and Co-ownership

UVLD is proud to announce that longtime design partner Cameron Yeary is spinning off the media delivery portion of the business into a new entity, Thrasos Media

From left: Gregory Cohen, Cameron Yeary, John Ingram

“When UVLD was founded in 2004, Cameron was a core part of our lighting team,” notes president Gregory Cohen. “As our business changed, Cameron was on the forefront of our efforts in content delivery, and his creative work with media servers is without parallel. We were lucky to have grown our business with him.” 

“As the media business blossomed, UVLD grew with it,” says Yeary. “However, the capital purchases required for continued expansion, and the personnel needed to staff projects, calls for a different infrastructure than what has worked so well for UVLD in the past. I am excited for the opportunity to spin off this portion of the business and grow it with an expanded team.”

Both firms have maintained partial common ownership in each other.  This alignment reflects their shared history and longstanding mutual admiration.

“Cameron is a valued colleague and a respected member of our team,” says partner John Ingram. “We always lean on him and Thrasos for media consultation and look forward to continued collaboration on existing and future projects.”

“John and Greg gave me my start in this business, and I consider them my mentors,” says Yeary. “They will always be part of my professional life as well as dear friends. While I am excited by what the future will bring, I will rely on what I’ve learned from them every day.”