10.12.18 WeWork Creator Awards Nashville

WeWork. They are everywhere. Their unique brand of curated  flexible office space are all but ubiquitous as part of the zeitgeist. We were thrilled to be invited by Production Glue to light the 2018 Creator Awards in Nashville.

The Creator Awards bring kudos and funding to exciting ideas for the larger community; to quote WeWork:

WeWork is committed to supporting innovative projects and the people behind them. This global competition is open to entrepreneurs, performers, startups, and nonprofits—anyone who embodies our mantra, “Create Your Life’s Work.”

Here’s a video WeWork produced that we feel shows this at its best:


Hey, Ashton Kutcher was there. As well as WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann – who is pretty cool, too.

The show was at Marathon Music Works, with gear from 4 Wall Entertainment and Trevor Gooch serving as production electrician.  Tom Bussey headed the team from Production Glue.

It was a pleasure being with such great people in a great city for a great cause.