04.29.16 Time 100 at Jazz at Lincoln Center

Creative powerhouse inVNT produced their inaugural iteration of the Time 100 Gala. This annual event brings together the Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world to Jazz at Lincoln Center where they can rub shoulders, exchange ideas, and, this year, enjoy powerhouse live performances by Adriana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

Executive Producer Hamish Keith’s team designed a new lobby layout, taking advantage of the recently renovated atrium at Jazz. Picture frames of the honeers hung in  the space vertically and horizontally, filling the space without crowding it. Step-and-repeats give the ubiquitous press space to get the shots they needed while allowing the guests themselves room to meet and greet each other free of a photographer scrum.

There were many celebrities there. The New York Times has a great photo gallery.

The Appel Room was used for the dinner, performances and recognition. UVLD lighting designer Gregory Cohen was thrilled to be back in the Appel room and at Jazz.

“We are blessed in New York with many special venues, but it’s hard to imagine a place more special than Jazz,” Cohen noted. “Phil Hirsch, the head electrician in the Appel Room, and I have been friends for 25 years and working in his house is an absolute pleasure. He’s got a great group of men and women working for him. It was great to catch up with so many friends on the crew, such as head carpenters Scott Schilk and Jeff Turner. This is a business with no greater resource than its people, and Jazz is indeed rich with great people.”

The show itself consisted of opening remarks by both the publisher and editor of Time, as well as toasts from the audience.

The headliner performances were amazing. Adriana Grande sang four songs, including an unreleased duet with Macy Gray, and rocked the house. Her dynamic range and stage charisma was enough to impress a middle-aged lighting designer, for example.

Nicki Minaj calibrated her show perfectly for the room. Using six dancers and opening with a moving rendition of “Crying Game,” she was able to pull the audience in and then bring the dynamic up as her set went on. Never shying away from the political, she raised a few hairs as she rocked the house.

It was a great night, an opportunity to recognize some great people in the world and enjoy some fantastic music in a beautiful venue.

Time 100 2016 at Jazz at Lincoln Center
Lighting Designer: Gregory Cohen
Atrium Lighting Designer: Jeff Nellis
Production Electrician: Bill “What this show needs is ground fog” Hopkins
Lighting Gear: 4 Wall Entertainment
Produced by Hamish Keith for inVNT
Technical Director: Mark Jimmyer
Jazz Production Manager: Nate Terracio
Jazz House LD and all around good guy: Zakaria Al-Alami