Thomas Pendergrass Lighting Designer

Thomas discovered his passion for lighting at a young age, leading him to delve into programming lighting consoles during his teenage years, honing his craft with local bands, theaters, churches, and special events. He thrives on utilizing the unique blend of innovative technology, creative expression, and practicality that lighting offers.

With a methodical approach, he has crafted immersive experiences by designing and programming lighting for a multitude of events, festivals, corporate meetings, and premieres, including Amazon, Facebook, Pokémon, Bitcoin, Crunchyroll, PAX, Star Wars, Fanatics, Adult Swim, Beachbody, WWE, HBO, Apple, Yamaha, and many more.

Driven by a passion for technical precision and refinement, Thomas strives to seamlessly blend technology and artistry to create immersive and memorable experiences that exceed expectations for audiences across the globe.

Based in Austin, Texas, when he’s not behind the GrandMA console or traveling to a show, you can usually find him in the cockpit of an airplane or racecar and always looking for the nearest In-N-Out burger.