12.01.15 Scion at the Los Angles Auto Show 2015

001 - 20151118-IMG_1745Scion is a brand with a lot of buzz, and they certainly generated plenty of it at the Los Angeles Auto Show. USA Today named their C-HR car one of three must-see cars at the show, noting “the subcompact crossover segment is hot, and [Scion] has made it clear that it won’t just put a boring entry into the field.”, and Scion themselves asserted that “Polarizing is ok. Boring is not.”

For this brand-critical reveal, UVLD was called upon by the George P Johnson company to design the lighting. Lead by the creative direction of O2 Creative Solutions, UVLD founding partner Gregory Cohen used a combination of public lighting positions provided by TLS and custom trusses brought in specific to the press event.

The real visual star of the show was provided by Kinetic Lights of Berlin. They, at O2’s direction, designed and programmed a circular array of flying winches carrying LED tubes delivering video content. Unambiguously the talk of the show floor, the reveal featured an almost random yet choreographed ascent of the tubes to show the product below. It. Was. Stunning.

We were thrilled to have Jeff Quinn as a our production electrician who made the magic happen. Rick Voigt was the executive producer, and our TD Kevin Gros kept it all moving.

It’s hard to imagine a more stunning introduction of a product, although we all know Scion will continue to do so. And we’re thrilled to be part of their team.