Sarah Rosenberg

Legal. Writing.

Sarah Rosenberg wears many hats on her rapidly greying head and, like the UVLD designers, integrates multiple disciplines into her work. An attorney by training, Sarah’s cometic professional trajectory has launched her into project management, copywriting, and social media development.

As is the case with UVLD’s designers, Sarah’s work is at once technical and creative, but, unlike the UVLD designers, she deals not at all with lighting or design media. From contract review to writing for marketing materials and periodicals, Sarah’s fingerprints are all over whatever is written by and for UVLD.

In her non-UVLD time, Sarah owns her own business consulting with individuals and small companies, rescues and rehomes stray animals, attends to her own menagerie (comprised of five felines, two canines, and one 11-year-old daughter), cultivates her myriad social media identities, and practices yoga and meditation on those mornings she is able to beat the sun to waking.

What I've Done