02.13.16 Ram Power Wagon Reveal at the Chicago Auto Show

Our hometown newspaper the NY Daily Post wasted no time appointing the 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon as the best truck of the Chicago Auto Show, and we were thrilled to be brought on by O2 Creative Solutions to light the reveal. Lead by producer Laura Leigh, we had a lot to play with. PRG delivered an awesome set featuring subway grating that screamed for uplight and articulating automation to highlight the versatility of the truck.

UVLD’s Greg Cohen was the designer on site, assisted by production electrician Sal Restuccia, who is at the root of so many of our projects. Sal was assisted by James Wilmoth. We had a great team. Chris Dowling was our TD; he’s super awesome as well.

We’ve got some great pictures that show the drama of the reveal, and FCA posted a video of the whole thing, which shows it all in context.

We love Chicago. In the Winter. After all, while working on a great show like this with this great team, there’s nothing not to love!