10.25.16 Nu Skin 2016

nuskingsUVLD was thrilled to be hired by Webb Production on the Nu Skin North American convention, designing two general session rooms in the Salt Palace. Nu Skin Enterprises is an American multilevel marketing company that develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements.

Paul Sharwell was Lighting Designer in the first general session, with Michelle Morin and Chris King as Production Electricians. Jeff Nellis was Lighting Designer for the second room, with David Rees designing the rig and Dave Haar as his Production Electrician. Executive Producer Natalie Peay and Technical Director Trevor Handley led Webb Production’s team.

The shows were heavily talent-driven, but also included recognition, corporate presentations, and keynote speakers. The main room featured a Vegas illusionist, eight dancers, multiple singers, and three aerialists. Each session began with the talent all performing together in a complex opener; the performers also played in eight shorter, interstitial ‘bumpers’ to break up long recognition programs. The final show culminated in the band Walk the Moon taking the stage for a full set.

The set was complex and had a lot of depth, including a large main stage with a ramp on each side as well a large thrust with a satellite stage out in the audience. All sections of the stage were utilized for each production number.

The heavy talent basis was a Lighting Designer’s dream, but also presented challenges. The talent was comprised of separate groups working together in complex pieces, a true example of artistic joint effort. “The unique numbers were spread through multiple days,” Sharwell said, “but since they were all rehearsed in one day, the programming had to be quick and exact. Jumping into a live number that hadn’t been seen in three days created some positive adrenaline.”