12.15.15 Mission Statement

UVLD is committed to providing the best in lighting design services to its clients, in terms of both the creative product of lighting design and the individual production’s logistics.

UVLD believes in a down-to-earth approach to lighting design while remaining committed to the highest levels of professionalism.

UVLD was founded on the principle of “strength in numbers,” and we strive to make this principle as relevant to clients of UVLD as it is to each designer. By approaching each production with a collaborative eye, UVLD imbues its clients with all the benefits of engaging a design team while maintaining a personal relationship with an individual designer.

UVLD places its clients’ wishes at the center of the design process, from basic visual concepts to personal relationships.

UVLD takes the utmost care to involve and consult its clients at every stage of the design process.

UVLD never sub-rents or insists on a particular vendor of equipment and is committed to the highest ethical standards.

UVLD will negotiate for its clients the deepest discount possible from lighting equipment vendors.

UVLD works within the client’s budget and considers the integrity of a project’s finances of prime importance.

UVLD’s designers will program their own lighting consoles in order to provide the best possible value to their clients.

UVLD is committed to providing a collaborative and nurturing environment for the designers who work under its umbrella.

UVLD is committed to promoting excellence in lighting design as far as the eye can see.