Media Services

Content First. Technology Second.

UVLD has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We’re proud to have been among the first to design extensive moving light systems for corporate productions and to have driven controller and systems innovation throughout the industry.

In this vein, we consider advanced media playback and live video composition to be part of our core competency. We’ve used media servers in multiple applications ranging from low-res scenic LED all the way to ultra HD widescreen and projection mapping. Frequently using media servers to compose a mix of live inputs, media server playback, graphics & demo sources.

The predominance of media servers in shows today has prompted us to create a position called the visual media developer: a professional with a strong programming background and an eye for both technological innovation and aesthetic requirements. Our visual media developers talk the talk and walk the walk. They understand that our clients’ needs always come before the cutting edge, although they often go hand-in-hand to deliver a successful production. Visual media developers are front of house people, we understand interfacing with creatives and stage mangers in the often times chaotic live production atmosphere.

Our visual media developers are positioned right where your creative and our technology meet.  We have developed streamlined workflows for content houses to let your artists be artists while maintaining a workflow that allows for a  onsite process smooth.

Often times the roll of the traditional media server has grown beyond just media playback to also include advanced live compositing and integrating interactive content sources, such as Twitter feeds or pulling Instagram data in real time. Not only does merging playback and live feed compositing allow for interesting and dynamic creative options, it often provides significant savings to the production by eliminating the needed for additional gear such as Encore or Spyder systems.

We pride ourselves on picking the right tool for the job and remaining technologically independent. Although we often rely on the same brands of media servers and video gear, we own none of it, so we’re free to explore new options as needed. That being said, it’s important to assert a workflow that’s tried and tested. The vast majority of our wide screen and complex canvas shows are done in Pandora. We feel its ability to deploy content across a wide variety of video displays and resolutions is unmatched. It also has awesome interfacing with live inputs, interactive video feeds and gracefully handles multi track audio; allowing us to stretch the limits of what can be done within one ecosystem. Also for a lot of our shows where video is being used more as scenic such as with low-res LED we still love Mbox, it’s the perfect tool when we are working with almost a lighting mindset.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your questions or needs in this exciting and expanding field. We are comfortable at the forefront of technology and are thrilled to have additional opportunities to define this frontier.

We’ve watched a lot of Powerpoint presentations. We’ve watched a lot of Keynote presentations. As a result, we wrote a Prezi to detail the kind and scope of work we’ve done in the past and are excited about doing in the future.

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