Matt Webb Designer

Matt Webb is a lighting designer and design partner at UVLD, renowned for his exceptional skills in lighting programming and design. Beginning his career in his early teens, Matt has evolved into a prominent figure in the lighting design industry, known for his technical mastery and innovative approach.

In the corporate sector, Matt has crafted the lighting for key events such as Google Next, Zoomtopia, TwitchCon, the Walmart Shareholders Meeting, and the Game Developer Awards. His capacity to skillfully and creatively manage these large-scale productions showcases his expertise. Additionally, Matt’s diverse portfolio includes high-profile projects for companies like Avon, Deutsche Bank, IBM, CNN, Mazda, Chrysler, ESPN, and Chick-Fil-A.

Matt has also made significant contributions to the church community, serving as the production and lighting designer for The Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood Baptist Church for nine years.  In 2023, he oversaw the design for the renovation of their main sanctuary.

On the installation side, his work extends to designing buildouts for the CAMP family of stores and is currently supervising the lighting system redesign at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

A central aspect of Matt Webb’s career is his adeptness in collaborating with headline artists at live corporate events. He skillfully integrates their performances into the broader visual framework of the show, ensuring a harmonious balance between individual artistry and the overall aesthetic. Matt’s deep understanding of technology, combined with his innate ability to listen and interpret client needs, enables him to create innovative and cohesive lighting environments that perfectly align with each event’s vision. Equally important is his commitment to fostering a respectful and collaborative work environment.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Matt Webb continuously strives to expand the horizons of lighting design. His adaptability and forward-thinking mindset make him an invaluable asset to any project, from intimate settings to grand-scale productions. Matt’s dedication to his craft ensures that every event he lights is not only a success but also a memorable and engaging experience.