02.14.18 LuLaRoe Leadership 2018

UVLD was proud to join Webb Production to provide lighting design for the LuLaRoe Leadership 2018 event in January. Lularoe is a rapidly growing fashion company which encourages Independent Fashion Retailers to find novel, exciting uses of social media to further their businesses. The leadership event took place in the Disneyland Ballroom at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

At this leadership summit, established coaches and mentors connect and educate about how to best lead, train and coach their teams. The theme of the event was #GetConnected, represented by large art pieces using colored strings, which were installed throughout the resort. In total, more than 6 miles of paracord were used.

The lighting concept was based around extending the colored strings into the room as multi-colored beams. Several prominent columns, a lack of rigging points and low trim heights (15-16 feet) created challenges to filling the 3D space with colored beams.

“One of my favorite parts of this event is that we have direct contact with the end client through the process,” said Paul Sharwell of UVLD. “They are very collaborative, open to creativity, and very appreciative of what we bring.” This event was a continuation of UVLD’s collaboration with Webb Production for LuLaRoe; Sharwell also provided lighting design for the fashion show at LuLaRoe’s large-scale event, Vision, in summer 2017.

Meggan Pingree – Producer, Webb Production
Nick Odencrantz – Technical Director, Webb Production
Michelle Morin and Matt Burns – Production Electricians
Lighting Design – Paul Sharwell, UVLD