08.28.17 LuLaRoe Vision Convention

Webb Production was invited to produce two events for national fashion brand LuLaRoe at their 2017 LuLaRoe Vision Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Webb brought on UVLD’s David Rees and Paul Sharwell to assist.

LuLaRoe Experiences – Photo courtesy of Jonathan Hickerson

Attendees were provided with a comprehensive education on all aspects of LuLaRoe’s products and business at the Experiences, lit by Rees. A display area totaling 130,000 square feet was divided into 17 distinct areas offering everything from a live assembly line showcasing how products are manufactured to instruction on effective home photography and marketing. Hands-on areas allowed sales consultants the chance to mix and match outfits on various mannequins. Ensembles were evaluated and winners were awarded prizes at the end of the convention.

“We chose Mac Aura XB as main fixture for efficiency, economy and quick focus time,” Rees said. “Areas needing more precise lighting used VL3500 Spot and Martin Viper Performance. Quantum Profile was selected to provide color and movement at main entrance and entrance to fashion show.”

After taking in all that the Experiences had to offer, attendees moved onto the Fashion Show, lit by Sharwell, to see the clothes in action. The show, which began with an inspiring presentation from Chief Designer and Visionary Patrick Winget, played eight times in order to allow every attendee an opportunity to experience the excitement.

The end clients asked to meet with Sharwell even before the show was loaded in. “Often in fashion, there is a concern about the lighting not distracting from the clothing, and I expected that to be the message,” said Sharwell, “but they essentially told me to go crazy, that they wanted ‘atmosphere’ and wanted the lights to magnify the excitement in the room.”

There were two unique design elements that concerned Sharwell. The first was the backdrop of the set, a vertical wall of 56 large convex mirrors. “It was kind of an unheard-of idea, and I kept thinking ‘there must be a reason we never do this,’” said Sharwell. “In the end, I treated it like a huge mirror ball and surrounded it with a dozen Sharpys to pan around on it.” The fashion show began in pure darkness, and for the first few seconds of music, the giant mirror ball alone came to life.

LuLaRoe Fashion Show – Photo courtesy of Jonathan Hickerson

The other challenge involved two large front projection screens that flanked the large deck. Since the deck was mostly clear plexi, it essentially acted as a giant mirror. To keep reflected light from washing out the screens, Sharwell had to light the large thrust from straight on, with tight shuttering, as well as full sidelight at angles designed not to bounce up at the screens. In the end, presenters and models appeared to float on the clear stage, with clean IMAG on the screens that flanked them.

For Webb Production, Natalie Peay served as Executive Producer, Katie Krongard as Creative Producer, Nick Odencrantz as Technical Director for the Experiences and Rob Holland as Technical Director for the Fashion Show. Michael Cone and Matt Burns joined as Production Electricians. Both gear packages were supplied by 4Wall LA.

Product experience gear from 4 Wall LA:

300 – Martin Mac Aura XB
89 – VariLite VL3500 SPot
18 – Martin Mac Viper Performance
36 – Martin Quantum Profile
28 – Color Force 48
3 – Color Force 72
1 – MA Lighting Grand MA2 Full
1 – MA Lighting Grand MA2 OnPC with Command Wing

Fashion Show gear from 4 Wall LA:
55 – VariLite VL 4000 SPOT
43 – Martin Viper Wash DX
34 – Clay Paky Sharpy
14 – Elation Cuepix WW4 LED Blinder
1 – MA Lighting Grand MA2 Full
1 – MA Lighting Grand MA2 Full
3 – Radiance Hazer