Lighting Design

We find lighting intuitive.

While the bulk of our work is in corporate theater and broadcast television, UVLD also caters to the display, themed environment, and architectural markets.

From basic concepts to detailed budgets, vendor integration, designs, and ultimately the execution of a lighting design, UVLD provides both artistic flair and business sense. We are available to assist with pitches, initial budgets, and point-of-contact integration with end clients.

As a firm concentrated solely on design, UVLD is uniquely positioned to coalesce the talents of multiple designers in a single project. This integration can include incorporating multiple designers on different parts of a large-scale project as well as assembling a complete and integrated staff onsite.

UVLD’s designers are much more than just designers. For a significant proportion of shows, and where logistics allow, UVLD’s designers also do all their own programming. This joinder of expertise invokes not only a better understanding of the technologies involved and a more direct interface with artistic and technological elements but also creates better financial value for the client. As corporate theatrical professionals, UVLD believes in allocating resources to enhance front-of-house experiences.

AT UVLD, we don’t own gear. Directly translated, this means each and every design is created with specifications that are just right for the project rather than focusing on what we have depreciating on the shelf. We have great relationships with the best gear houses in the world, but our role with them is as our clients’ advocate. We look for the most appropriate combination of gear and logistics for every project to meet our clients’ needs and their budgets.

Each of our designers is unique, but our commitment to teamwork is central to our brand. We all work well together, and this seamless integration serves us well in that we respect and understand each other’s approach. And because we ourselves are a team, we integrate well with others.

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