LifeVantage Elite Academy 2016

UVLD’s Paul Sharwell provided Lighting Design for LifeVantage’s semiannual Elite Academy this July, which took place at the Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The conference celebrates LifeVantage reps who have exceeded their goals; it provides advanced training for the salesforce to move to an even higher level in the coming months. LifeVantage markets itself as a nutritional company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy living through a combination of scientifically validated products including anti-aging and healthy living products. The event was produced by Chad Brammer of Webb Integrations; Nick Odencrantz of Webb Integrations served as Technical Director. Michelle Morin served as Production Electrician.

LifeVantage favors upbeat music and flashy lighting to energize and celebrate their people. Too often designs in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena feel dwarfed by the high ceiling, but “WebbAV created a set that highlighted rather than ingored verticals in the room,” Sharwell noted. “I projected strong beams from the highest point of the lighting rig to really indulge the trim height.”

LifeVantage’s branding calls for rich shades of blue, but Sharwell was thrilled to find the client was open to variety. “We are able to use complementary hues to nicely contrast the style of the graphics and videos,” says Sharwell. “Every segment of the show had its own colors, so although the audience was in their seats for hours, the stage, like the show, never got boring or repetitive.”

Finally, Sharwell gave an unambiguous shout out to the producers and his team: “It’s no secret that we love working with WebbAV – on behalf of their clients they put together great, rich productions and it was thrilling to be part of this project.”

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