11.30.17 Lexus Los Angeles: Here come the 2018 RX and LX luxury SUVs

Never ones to shy away from luxury, UVLD was thrilled to be part of George P Johnson’s team at the Los Angeles Auto Show to launch two new luxury SUVs for the 2018 model year.

Lighting designer Kevin Lawson, under the direction of the creative director Alex Alexanian at O2 Creative Solutions, used an all-LED light box to provide soft toplight to this sharp looking vehicle. Additional lighting came from the rig provided by the rockstars over at TLS Productions.

The RX and LX fill an important role for Lexus and as USA Today notes this launch fits nicely with the overall hot at this year’s autoshow:

Lexus took its best-selling vehicle to a new level, unveiling a family-sized version of its RX SUV at the Los Angeles auto show Wednesday. The 2018 Lexus RXL is 4.3 inches longer and seats six or seven people. Prices start at $47,670 for front- and $49,070 for all-wheel drive. The RXL will be in dealerships late this year.

Lexus stretched the wheelbase of the current RX to create the new SUV. Three-row models are a mainstay of other luxury brands’ product lines, so the RXL is likely to be a hot seller.

“It’s an obvious extension for the Lexus lineup,” IHS Markit senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said. “Consumers respond to three-row SUVs.”

USA Today