05.04.17 Kyäni International Leadership Conference

Network marketing company Kyäni held their 2017 International Leadership Conference this March in Fort Worth Texas. Producers Webb Production invited UVLD’s David Rees to serve as Lighting Designer. Michelle Morin joined David as Production Electrician. The lighting package was supplied by Gemini Light Sound & Video. Natalie Peay produced the show for Webb Production.

Kyani is a network marketing company based in Idaho Falls, ID, specializing in the Triangle of Health dietary supplements and Fleuresse skin care products. The event brought together corporate staff and sales associates from around the world under one roof. They offered a celebration of the achievements of distributors as well as training to up-and-coming associates to aid in the development of their own business opportunities.

The lighting gear consisted of 16 Varilite VL3500 Wash, 28 Martin Viper DX Wash, 24 Clay Play Mythos, 12 Martin Mac Quantum Wash, 16 VariLite VL3500 Spot, 6 Martin Mac Aura, 33 Elation Chorus Strip, 35 Atomic 3000 LED Strobe, 8 six bars of Source 4 PAR, 8 Geyser RGB and 2 Radiance Hazers all driven by an MA Lighting GrandMA 2 control system.

UVLD is excited to continue our creative partnership with the great team at Webb Production.