11.05.15 IBM Insight 2015

UVLD was thrilled to be a part once again of IBM’s Insight, the industry leader’s premier data and analytics conference. There’s no question IBM is in the news a lot today, with their ever-expanding cloud initiatives and ground breaking work with Watson. With so much to cover, we were busy providing both lighting design and visual media delivery.

On the lighting side, John Ingram and Matt Webb created a stunning environment taking full advantage of an awesome lighting package involving over 300 automated fixtures.

We had a fantastic system from 4Wall, including signature fixtures like the Ayrton MagicBlade, VL 4000 Spots, and Clay Paky Mythos and Sharpy Wash. We layered multiple levels of fixtures above the scenery, creating an architecture of beams.  The lighting emanated from a internally lit truss structure that matched the set design. Matt Webb skillfully manipulated thisinto powerful live lightscapes in and around the set. Chris Drury had us adjust, contrast, and sometimes match colors with the shows graphics and videos, making sure our lighting supported content and ultimately the events intent.

On the content side, we utilized multi-plane projection to put live talent into videos, composited dynamically and live. We used Coolux Pandora’s box to integrate powerpoint and IMAG into wide-screen graphics background that dwarfed traditional HD media. We also used our image sequence workflow for quick and painless swap outs of video assets.

We were thrilled to be working for our long-time client Drury Design Dynamics, a firm that doesn’t hesitate to meet the demands of IBM; we were able to respond to the needs and challenges of this project quickly while still using cutting edge technology.

The 411:

Produced by Drury Design Dynamics

Executive Producer: Suzette Wilson Samuels

Creative Director: Chris Drury

Lighting Designer: John Ingram

Lighting Programer: Matt Webb

Visual Media Developer: Cameron Yeary