04.25.17 Hyundai at the New York International Auto Show

At the 2017 New York International Auto Show, Hyundai used their press event to allow their design team to highlight the design process that led to the all-new 2018 Sonata. Featuring two of their lead designers drawing and talking though the process, Hyundai provided an interactive experience for the press to experience the ideas behind the new Sonata’s design features.

Under the creative direction of Martin Brinkerhoff, and with MBA producer Jim Rossi, Lighting Designer Matt Webb took the opportunity to light the space in an exciting and engaging way. “This press event was unique in that we had a live band to bring a new level of energy to the event,” Webb said.

The lighting design used a press package of more than 30 Mac Vipers, 8 sharpys and 8 K20 Beyes as well as the public system. Lighting was provided by SEIBO and hung under the rockstar supervision of production electrician Pete Campbell. “With the higher ambient light levels of the auto show floor and knowing that haze would probably not be a heavy part of this show,” Webb said, “We leaned on a system of Beye fixtures placed around the band at various heights to give a visual element in and around the band.”