04.19.16 DomoPalooza 2016

“Usually when I go to conferences I’m bored. So I thought, ‘let’s see if we can pull off Cirque de Soleil meets big data.’” – Josh James, Founder and CEO, Domo, Inc.


UVLD was honored to be invited by Webb Audio Visual to help realizes James’ vision: the Domo User Conference was a non stop extravaganza, taking place March 21-25, 2016 in Salt Lake City. Domo tapped Webb Audio Visual and Executive Producer, Nick Odencrantz, to produce and provide all technical support for the event.   UVLD’s David Rees served as Lead Lighting Designer for the Grand Ballroom events. Jason Mack assisted as the party and headliner Lighting Designer.

This event was a key moment in the evolution of Domo, as they officially launched their “business cloud.” Rees says, “We met the challenge of completely transforming a very low ceiling ballroom with a classic decor into a modern looking meeting room and then into a dance club by night by utilizing a variety of low profile fixtures to allow floor to ceiling projection on nearly 190 feet of linear projection surface.”

The conference allowed the Domo clients to “hear from a world-class cast of leaders and luminaries that will change the way you think, work, and act.” It was an incredible show and we were thrilled to be a part of it.