12.15.15 Capabilities

Simply put, UVLD provides lighting design and media delivery.

Concentrating mainly on live events such as television and corporate theatre, UVLD also caters to the display, themed environment, and architectural markets as well as to the retail and trade show markets.

From basic concepts to detailed budgets, vendor integration, designs, and ultimately the execution of a design for an event, UVLD provides the ideal balance of artistic flair and business sense. Beyond this already broad spectrum, we also assist with pitches, initial budgets, and point-of-contact integration with end clients.

UVLD’s singular concentration on design positions us uniquely to merge the talents of multiple designers into any given project. This approach can range from integrating a series of designers applied to different elements of a large-scale project to offering complete and integrated staffing onsite.

And because our designers are also programmers, we at once possess a fundamental understanding of the technologies involved in our projects and create a streamlined interface with artistic and technical elements involved in our projects. By effectively closing the gap between design and execution, we befriend the bottom line for our clients by ensuring that the lion’s share of their budgets is dedicated to on-stage rather than behind-the-scenes expenditures.

When we partner with our clients, we use the very latest in technology to create pre-production visuals which enable us to design and present the lighting of an event without actually staging it. With the implementation of advanced methodologies such as computer modeling and pre-visualization renderings, a UVLD designer’s toolbox is one of the most highly regarded in the North American lighting design industry.