11.07.15 Canon Expo 2015

UVLD was thrilled to be involved as the Lighting Designers for CanonExpo 2015. This is our team’s sophomore design on this project, having lit it 2010.

Expo is unique, taking over the entire North hall of the Javits center in New York, giving Canon the opportunity to present their robust line of products to their customers and the press. The project is unambiguously huge, and our design used over 1700 moving lights to treat state-of-the art printers, cutting edge medical devices, stunningly beautiful prints and the very best in still and motion photography.

But more than the lighting itself, we are most proud of our team. We were lead by our client Kevin Fredrick and his project manager Erik Hendricks, at Dentsu, the international advertising and public relations company.

Creatively, John Ingram and Greg Cohen were lead designers, with David Rees serving as project manager. Matthew Piercy, Robert Cangemi, Jason Mack and Brad Criswell were the onsite designers. Our world class electricians were headed up by Sal Restuccia, and among others included James Wilmoth, Jeff Quinn and Danny Kirsch.

The gear was provided by ChristieLites, and their account executive Chris McMeen was a huge part of our success.

The team at Imagination, lead by Gabrielle Chamberlin and Oliver Cobb, designed an incredible environment that was an absolute joy to fill with light.

We’ve got some pictures of course, but we are most proud of the ensemble that got us here. We should have had a cookout or something so we could all have stood around smiling. It was labor day, afterall!

At UVLD we pride ourselves on the assets we are able to bring to our clients, and no asset is more important than our people. CanonExpo 2015 was a great chance for a great group of people to deliver a great product.