Cabi 2016

Twice annually, upscale women’s clothing company Cabi hosts Scoop, an event in which they unveil their latest line. The 2016 Fall Scoop took place in Boston in July, and UVLD was pleased to provide design for this show. Paul Sharwell served as Lighting Designer and Programmer for the 10th consecutive year. Chris Nye served as ME with Sal Restuccia assisting. Dan Kirsch, who served as ME for several years, also made a cameo appearance providing shop prep for Nye. The show was produced by Mark Ledogar and Stephanie Selig.

The stage included a 180’ runway with a wider, diamond-shaped center and four thrusts from the main stage out into the house. With cameras surrounding the stage, the show is effectively shot in the round, so each presenter on any part of the stage needs to look great from all angles. An additional challenge in this scenario is to light models and presenters well without blinding audience members watching from the other side.

“There is very little scenery,” Sharwell said, “so I treat the audience as scenery by lighting them in colors from behind to give the cameras some background.”

For this event, the show opened with a Cirque-du-Soleil-esque act consisting of three hanging silks, as four Tycho drummers played along from near each runway. The final show of the week included a 30’ stylized tree directly on center stage, with thousands of attendees’  wishes handwritten on colored paper serving as leaves. “Here I not only needed to light the set piece — the tree,” Sharwell said, “But I also needed to shoot under the tree with very low angle fixtures.”

UVLD was proud to be a part of another successful year of Scoop!

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