Branden Roth


Branden Roth was re-introduced to the lighting industry in 2004, armed with a degree in biochemistry and a realization that a future in medicine was not his calling. His early exposure to the business notwithstanding, it was only when Branden reconnected with a friend in the industry that the pieces came together.

Branden began his career designing shows, lighting, and media for an award-winning event technology support group in the Dallas area before starting his own lighting and media company in 2011.

His media design clients include Intel, SAS, Lockheed Martin, CVS, and Bethesda Softworks. Other media clients include IBM, Dish Network, Allscripts, Boston Scientific, and Mazda. His lighting design has illuminated companies including CVS, Chili’s, AT&T, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Infinity Automobiles, and he has worked on lighting for shows too numerous to count.

Branden’s repertoire of tools is as diverse as his background. Introduced early to the Coolux family of media servers, he is also proficient on the MBOX and is a member of the Hippo Super Users Group. When not designing media or lighting, Branden spends copious amounts of quality time with his six-year-old son, loves the outdoors and reading, and enjoys a good movie.

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