04.06.16 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Sales Convention 2016

UVLD’s Jeff Nellis served as Lighting Designer for the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Sales Convention at the Dallas Convention Center. The event was produced by Corporate Magic. Scott McCowan was the Moving Light Programmer, Salvatore Restuccia was the Production Electrician, and Jonathan Camarillo served as Assistant Electrician. Gemini supplied all lighting and truss.

The lighting rig consisted of 130 Quantum Wash, 12 Viper, 26 Sharpy, over 100 conventional fixtures, and 150 LED panels spread over 8 towers on stage and 8 spines of truss fanning over the audience, covering over 2000 linear feet of truss. This array of lighting and video provided all of the visual heavy lifting for the show — everything from a produced creative segment involving comets exploding on stage, video and talent support, a rock and roll opener, as well as a rig for Huey Lewis, utilized by Huey’s LD Gregg Maltby for a closing entertainment night.

There’s no question that the room was a challenge, but the team was able to do a great job cueing some great creative to make for a great show. Here’s some rehearsal footage – as we’re constantly afraid of revealing any client content, we’ve muted the audio and replaced it with some awesome royalty free music!

Jeff notes, “It no picnic working in a white exhibit space, but through the use of a lot of cueing based on the awesome creative in the videos, music and presentations, I think we were able to bring color and life to this exciting show.” Jon Camarillo got some great shots of rehearsal as well.