04.06.17 AT&T Mobility & Consumer Operations Kickoff

John Ingram of UVLD was invited by Q2Cue to provide lighting for the general sessions and an evening banquet for the 2017 AT&T Mobility & Consumer Operations Kickoff in Dallas.

The show was produced by Michael Nichols of New World Productions, and Mark Ortezo of Q2Cue was the overall technical director for all venues. In Trinity, technical direction was provided by Guy Meadows of Q2Cue. Production Stage manager was the ever-incredible Gregg Hermanson.

Gary Cooper of Cooper Designs created scenery in a wide, elegant format comprised of (3) 32’x14’ FP screens backed by (3) 62’x22’ muslin cycloramas, a ~90’x24’ stage and (2) ~18’x10’ LED screens. Despite its width of roughly 230’, Cooper was able to build an intimate setting.

David Seitz masterfully managed the console, creatively programming a variety of looks. Production Electrician Todd Bilow, with great speed and precision, installed a lighting system provided by Gemini comprised of:

(40) Martin Quantum Wash
(28) Clay Paky Mythos
(16) Elation 5R Extreme
(20) VL 3500 Spot
(21) Viper DX Wash
(12) Martin Aura
(30) Elation Colour Chorus 72
(9) Elation Colour Chorus 12
(42) Scoops
(2) 2.5K Medium Throw Lycian Follow Spot

The show featured sophisticated graphics utilizing a lot of black. Black is not light, so huge portions of the three white FP screens were without any light. Seitz and and Ingram spent most of their time keeping the screens looking as they should – crisp and accurate.

“This gig was like an industrial lighting test,” Ingram said. “We illuminated people for the camera and the live audience- while keeping adjacent large white FP screens free of light. This entailed the lowest possible light levels and utilizing other tricks like moving in and out automated shutters on temp faders, sizing light precisely to a particular presenter’s height and position. Continuous adjustments were necessary, which kept us busy.”

Photos courtesy of Mark Ortenzo of Q2Cue