ASIS 2016 Orlando

ASIS, an organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals, held their 62nd (!!!) Annual Convention and Expo in Orlando. This show, attended by thousands of people from around the world, has been produced by New York’s PDI for more than 30 years, and this year, UVLD was once again invited to provide lighting design for the summit.

Executive Producer Robin Tico

Executive Producer Robin Tico

Paul Sharwell has worked with executive producer Robin Tico on the show for years, and the project benefits from the institutional knowledge this collaboration provides. “Robin has been a friend for years, and she initially brought me on the show as she was transitioning into the EP role a few years ago,” notes Sharwell. “The team is a family affair, with Robin’s father Charles Tico being the producer and account executive for years, and Robin’s brother,  Richard Tico, is the writer and creative director, and her son served as line producer. We’re thrilled to be part of this family!”

This year UVLD’s Gregory Cohen served as the designer onsite. “Everyone knew each other and fit together so well,” Greg said. “Any questions I had about show flow or logistics everyone had the answer because they’d done the project before.”

The show featured techo-illusionist Marco Tempest who UVLD has worked with extensively in the past.

The show featured gear from PRG’s Orlando office with Chris Nye serving as production electrician.

UVLD Partners on this Project