Andy Henry Lighting Designer

Andy Henry, lighting design partner at UVLD, has a rich history in the business event lighting field. The 20-year veteran is deeply involved in the company’s day-to-day decision-making concerns and practices and specifically how they relate to the company’s myriad projects and services.

Andy’s early career spanned the worlds of theatre, dance, and opera. His solid resume includes the formation and operation of Corporate Lighting Services. His lighting design specifically tailored to meet the needs of the financial/insurance, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and automotive sectors proved to be an asset to clients including IBM, Apple, Allergan, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Acura, Honda, Jeep, and Jaguar.

Armed with a degree in lighting design from SUNY Purchase and a wealth of diverse industry experience, Andy possesses a deep comprehension not just of design but also of practical elements including layout, aesthetics, rigging, fixtures, show control, movement, lenses, spatial cues, and the mechanics of live performance. He is well-versed in terminology and equipment, he speaks the local language of lighting. With this fluency, he is able to work closely with art and stage directors, engineers, and electricians, as well as technical and road crew members, to meet the most demanding challenges his clients pose. His proximity to his technicians allows him to bring out the very best in static and motion illumination for the live presentation market.

Andy immerses himself completely in every undertaking and brings fresh insight into design, production analysis, color, angles, and focus. His alliance with UVLD gives this leading industry professional the necessary edge to service his clients efficiently, cost-effectively, expediently, and impeccably.