11.18.15 Alfa Romeo at the Los Angles Autoshow

The press was treated to an early morning breakfast and exciting launch from Alfa Romeo, and UVLD was thrilled to be there to light it!

Founding partner John Ingram and designer Matthew Piercy lit a tent designed as a fashion show; the press faced each other and gazed upon the new Alfa Romeo Giulia as it was revealed to the world. An exciting and dramatic addition to their luxury brand, the vehicles were introduced by an ensemble of models carrying silk who created a little inevitable drama of their own. We were thrilled that the client posted a video online of the show.

We were thrilled to be working for O2 again this year and were proud to be part of this kick-off event.

  • Creative Direction / Produced by O2 Creative Solutions  
  • Executive Producer: Laura Leigh
  • Production Electrician: Steve Leif
  • Gear: PRG
  • Lighting by John Ingram and Matthew Piercy / UVLD