11.19.15 Hyundai at the Los Angeles Autoshow 2015

Hyundai had a lot to cover in their press conference and UVLD was there to help them deliver their message. With the introduction of their new Genesis luxury brand on the minds of the public an their dealers, CEO of Hyundai America Dave Zuchowski discussed the positioning of this exciting extension.

Sporting a brand new booth design for 2016, Hyundai wasted no time and introduced the new Elantra, which USA Today noted, “transitions Hyundai deeper into mainstream styling.  The new Elantra gets Hyundai’s hexagonal grille and front-wheel air curtains borrowed from the Sonata Hybrid to improve air flow and thus increase fuel efficiency.”

UVLD designer Paul Sharwell executed the reveal using a complement of gear from SEIBO which integrated completely with Mat Stoaval’s booth design.

As always, the creative leadership of Martin Brinkerhoff Associates made this project all the more compelling. When we’re called on by MBA to design, we put our best foot forward and we were thrilled to be able to deliver.