10.13.15 Twitter #VideoNOW

Following the recent announcement of Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO, Twitter is on a tear releasing new product innovations. Their #VideoNOW event in NYC this week, produced by NA Collective, introduced new video instant delivery methods and a YouTube-like video monetization model. 

UVLD was hired to deliver content, and we chose Pandora as our platform for its 1080p live input compositing and unrivaled ability to playback media uncompressed. 

We had 15 discrete 1920×1080 outputs to multiple screens and seamless plasma walls. All assets were played back, uncompressed, at 1080p. Six Keynote presentation machines were sourced for speaker content and notes. Coolux Widget Designer controlled all the routing and inputs into the playback system and to the screens. 

Executive Producer: Aaron Mason of NA Collective
Producer: Jessica Doren of NA Collective
Visual Media Developer/Programmer: Cameron Yeary
Media Technician: Chad Yeary
Technical Director: Jessica Shaw of Technical Producing Group